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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunset taken from Sebaste shoreline

Antique is a province of Panay Island and when one peruse the map, one can immediately see that it is a coastal area as it is located on the far left edge of the island. But since Antique is connected to other provinces by land, one should expect the mountains which paved way to the curvaceous and sloping road.

While staying in a friend's friend's house (the wonders of networking friends, in real --not virtual-- life)... located in Brgy. Aguila, Sebaste, Antique, one can see the hills and mountain ranges while resting in a hammock in front of the house with the lush greeneries. Meanwhile at the back of the house, one can enjoy the swaying coconut trees while one breathes in the saltiness of ocean wind as the picturesque shoreline is just about 200 meters away.

If there is an ocean, then there is the sun beautifully setting herself. The play of colors as we all call it. Here are my treat to your eyes, dear virtual friends!

The colors of the skies after the sun sets.

Another of the vivid colors.

Catching the remaining rays of the sun.

The local men are folding the enormous net.

More of the colorful skies...

I am contemplating of reaching THAT island one day...

A boy having a contemplative moment with his cellphone.

Bye, sun. See you tomorrow.

The camera comes alive!!! Go go photographer.