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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hot Kawa bath in Tibiao, Antique

Known for its fish spa and Kawa hotbath, Tibiao is a relaxing stop for nature lovers who want to seize the mountains and swim the blue seas. While the fish spa is found just beside the highway, the Kawa bath, by Kayak Inn, is located by the mountain leading to the Bugtong Bato Falls.

After a 30-minute trekking and hiking to the challenging falls of Bugtong Bato, it is such a good idea to soak in the warm water heated in the kawa with some leaves of a local tree that smell like citrus and Thai sweet basil.

For just P200, one can enjoy the warm soak as long as one wants. The friendly staff is able and ready to fire up the wood below the kawa to reheat the water (and our butts! Im joking)

Kawa is a symbol of Antique as it is a place where folks cook the muscuvado or raw sugar in their backyard, and it was done in almost every home a long time ago.

It was such a bliss to sit and relax inside this makeshift jacuzzi. A must try experience when one is in Antique or just happens to be passing by Tibiao when leaving Caticlan, Aklan for Iloilo City via Antique.

We are obviously happy being fired up!.

Happily cooked up!

Cooked at last.

Photos taken by Ms. Carlene Leonor, my beautiful friend.

Another artistic photo taken by Ms. Carlene Leonor.
Models, Yours truly, Ms Czarina Canoy
and Ms. Tancy Dela Cruz