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Monday, November 5, 2012

Bond girls bond in Danjugan Island!

BOND GIRLS BOND. Five ladies in a grand vacation
at Danjugan Island, Cauayan, Negros Occidental.
   Danjugan Island is managed and operated by Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation Inc, (PRRFI) as part of its Philippine Reef and Rainforest Project and aptly described as "Danjugan is a 43-hectare island that lies in the Sulu Sea, 3 km west of Negros Occidental. The island has 5 lagoons and is covered with limestone forests – home to a nesting pair of sea eagles, rare pigeons and doves, threatened taboo scrub fowls, coconut crabs, fruit and insect bats and many other wildlife species that struggle to exist in the mainland," says their website.

       Further, its website says it is the best classroom to learn from. "Danjugan is nature’s perfect classroom. It has 7 different types of ecosystems that students can see and experience first hand. Each of these ecosystems are interdependent to one another. the students will be able to trace this connectivity and live within the basic principles of ecology. The Danjugan island experience instills appreciation of all that is wonderful about nature, creates awareness of its great value and ignites action towards its conservation."

      And for us working girls, Danjugan Island is a perfect respite. This place located in Cauayan can be reached in 5 hours from Bacolod City. After disembarking in an eatery called Four D'King, one can inquire from there who is the assigned boatman to bring the guests to the Island. The shoreline is only about a-hundred-meters walk. And off we go.  
Approaching Danjugan Island. 

Visit the website for their updated rates. The good thing about patronizing this Island is that one can contribute to the good cause of the foundation while enjoying the stay in the island itself.

Manong Ruben shows us where we will be going in our two days
and a night stay at Danjugan Island.

A list of what Danjugan Island has to offer.

Its me, the SM Bag girl...

The shoreline on the other side of the island

The Gerona sisters touching the islet. Almost!

Still the shoreline on the other side of Danjugan Island.
(The reception is on the otherside)

Anothe rpose from me...

The mud house will be ready for occupancy soon.

The mud house...

Posing time after the  short hiking/trekking...

Breakfast is served!

The LGU participants who had a seminar during the day of our arrival. 

The break of dawn..

Enjoyed kayaking for the first time in Danjugan...

Clown fish.. pretty clown fish. Photo credit: Juliet Opena

Clown fish.. pretty clown fish in her anemone.
Photo credit: Juliet Opena

More of the mother Clown fish.. pretty clown fish.
Photo credit: Juliet Opena

Nong Ruben and I... 

That is not exactly a cave. Self portrait.

Kayak... kayaking is fun.

A portrait of a boat...