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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Solemn moments in the "Killing Field"

Cambodia, while welcoming of tourists, still has land mines in some areas and there are foundations even that commit itself to safely remove the same which is considered as remnants of a painful past. However, the areas are all identified areas so there is nothing to worry about except to thank the Cambodian government for the opportunity to visit their culturally rich place. But this does not mean that as tourists, we are just chose or prepared or came to see the happy side. Hence, while it is not a happy place to visit, we started our day trip in Pnomh Penh, capital of Cambodia, with a visit to the Choeung Ek Genocidal Center. For 3$, the ticket says that the proceed goes to the preservation of the center and scholarship of poor students.

They erected a glass obelisk (or it is aptly a tower) on the site and the glass encases layers of skulls of those who died in the so-called killing fields. From there, various signboards telling about the place where the Cambodians were unloaded until they meet their end can be followed through. We offered candles and prayer.

On the far side just near the entrance is a museum of history containing some skulls and bones, clothes, weapons and photos.

We are just happy that Cambodians are freed from violence and oppression. And that, we were privileged to visit their historically rich country.
The obelisk/tower that I am describing above.
I have no horizontal photo of it , so i apologize for this post.

One of the signboards telling a story...
At my back are the layered glass encasement
of the tower of the Center
where the skulls of those who died during the Polpot regime
and in this particular "killing field" where the genocide happened.
another shot. sorry for this post as I cannot make it right.
Way to the museum.

Inside the museum.

Some relics displayed inside the museum.