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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ms. Earth contestants in Ho Chi Minh City

The Ms Earth 2010 beauties.. from A to C....

We went to a memorable trip to Ho Chi Minh City, the modern name of Saigon and the name of Vietnam's most important person, in November 2010. We were happily roaming inside the post office when suddenly, the Ms. Earth contestants had a taping. That year, Vietnam hosted the said beauty pageant. Here are the photos that made that trip extra fun.

That year, Miss India was crowned Miss Earth, Miss Russia as Miss Air, Thailand as Miss Water and Miss Puerto Rico as Miss Fire. See more of the pageant details here.

Interesting quote in Wikipedia:

Final Question in Miss Earth 2010: "For you, what is more important: sunrise or sunset?"
Answer of Miss Earth 2010: "I will obviously choose sunrise because whenever we see the sunrise, people will think about a new day filled with energy. A new day offers 24 valuable hours to do good things for ourselves and other people." - Nicole Faria, represented India

They were lining up when I went out of the post office.

The beauties preparing for the takes...
They are not grandly dressed, I observed.

The beauties are not that well dressed but these take was good in the VTR
as I saw the pageant proper on tv back home.

A Filipina model instructing the Ms Earth beauties