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Monday, September 10, 2012

Casaroro Falls of Dumaguete

As part of our tour with Harold's Mansion, we went to Casaroro Falls located at Valencia town of Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. The hand-sketched map of our driver-guide says we have to descend 335 steps down the falls and have to hike for 35 minutes before we can see the falls. It is kind of manageable except, he did not say, we have to trail a moderately sloping way towards the entrance of the falls. We paid P10/pax for entrance. The boy did not warn us of the difficulty ahead; I just told him that three ladies, small-medium-and-large will be following us and I will already pay for their entrance fee. Then starts the 335 steps made of steel and some man-made steps which are quite manageable as there are handrails for safety.

Upon our descent, the falls is nowhere to be seen yet. We changed into our bathing suits and continued to march on, clinging, jumping, skipping rocks of all imaginable sizes. We finished one stretch and made a turn to the left but we see no falls yet. What we observed was the remnants of a steel bridge that must have connected the falls from the foot of the 335 steps.We learned later that Bagyo Sendong destroyed the bridge.

Casaroro Falls is 35 meters long and rushes in with lavish waters. So, we moved on as not far away, there are picnicking packs enjoying frisbee. We climbed, skipped, and jumped anew and reached the upper portion of the rocks and turned to right and voila, the Casaroro falls. We forgot how hard it was to go there, given the fact that we are all office girls and no hikers in our blood.

On top of the rock, she rocks!

The rocks we conquered...

The sisters... Yes, we made it here.

Two sirens of Casaroro Falls