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Monday, August 27, 2012

SIQUIJOR: How to, Where to and How much

Having arrived from Siquijor,
we were here waiting for a pick up from Harold's Place
where we booked our Twin Lake and Casaroro Falls Trip.
Photo by Maria O Palmes. 
Preparing for our itinerary, I found out that there are almost no blog and sites giving updated tips on travelling to Siquijor from Bacolod City. The latest I got was 2008. Hence, I made it a point to include here some useful tips for those who want to see, touch and taste Siquijor.

Our journey started in Bacolod. To save the money for the lodgings, we took the night or special trip of Ceres South Terminal (Tel. No. 034-4334993) and slept the night in the bus. Ask for the special night trip from Bacolod to Dumaguete (Regular Fare as of August 2012, P320; bring your ID for discounts) as you won't be given the idea of this trip if you ask for the first and last trip only (B-D it's 12mn; D-B it's 1am). Ceres is a bus with seats and since the travel is nighttime, whether it is aircon or not, it does not matter. But if it's aircon, one has to have jackets or shawls.The cool thing about Ceres is their helpful collector a.k.a "konduktor" as they know where to drop their wary passengers even if there's no sun yet.

In Dumaguete, there are many vessels plying in Pier 3. From There are fast crafts from Dumaguete to Siquijor, Siquijor (DELTA Lines and JLANN Lines) and if one has to use the roro for vehicle or one has to go down the Larena Port, Montenegro Lines (Tel No. 035-4223632; I forgot but the Fare and Terminal fee won't go beyond P160) is the only serving slow ferry (1 1/2 hours).

In Larena Port, there are three top beach houses Casa De la Playa, where we stayed (Villa priced for two is P1300 and extra pax P250), Islander's Paradise and Kiwi Dive Resort. I initially chose Kiwi Dive (Cel No. 63-90-888-92283) but it cannot accommodate 8 pax so I called Casa (Cel No. 63-99-999-51680) instead and it was a relief that it's available and they have free pick up from the port too. We were happy!

Jeep Tour (we had it for P2,500 in Casa) is an offering in Siquijor where tourists are treated with drops on many tourist spots while plying the circumferential highway. Also, I learned that there are hiking tours going to the mountains where faith healers are located....

Here are other tips I learned and I want to share.
One can contract from the Port a tour around the place using a pretty jeep.
Tricycle Tour -- P1,200
Jeep Tour -- P1,800
Motorcyle rent P250-350
My friends posing inside a colorful Siquijor Jeep

For not so picky on place to sleep, at Guiwanon Spring Park Resort located in Luyang, Siquijor Town and just a few kilometers from the port, they rent out closed tree houses for P250 to P300 a night. below the bridge, one can swim in the freshwater considering this area is where the mangroves are conserved. See photos below.

Putting our names in the logbook at the common guesthouse.
No, the Pawekan Tree House is vacant, not me!
See, the treehouse is enclosed and this is located about half a kilometer from the highway
and so I can safely say, it is safe for budget travelers.

My friends, in front of one of the huts for rent.

One can swim in and around this area!

Green hues must be because of the seaweeds on the seafloor.

One of the things seen while heading to the common guesthouse
at the end of the long foot bridge.

The Guesthouse at the end of almost 1-km bridge starting from the highway.

And one more tip: Since it was a holiday and tourist information (where we may get free maps) at the ports are closed, it is useful to buy one shirt with the map of Siquijor as my sister did!!!

Our illustrated map.
Once worn, this shirt is called,
our walking map.

The driver, Manong Bibit, brought us here in Mar & Peck to buy pasalubong.
Aside from us, a big bus of tourists from Mindanao filled the small store.