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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sights and Sites in Hanoi

I am happy we took the Cyclo tour on our first day in Hanoi as we had a bird's eyeview of the Old Quarter and important sites in Hanoi, especially that he have a very hectic schedule out of the city and we have only a day to do shopping before we leave for the airport just hours before midnight.

From the Old Quarter, we passed by the Temple of Literature which houses the studies of scholars on Confucious and other sages. After that, we headed to the far end of the tour, the Ho Chi Minh Complex and One-Pillar Pagoda. After there, we were brought by the ever-smiling cyclo drivers at the Tran Quoc Pagoda where we were amazed of the simple beauty of the red towering pagoda. From there, we passed by the laidback Truc Bach Lake then took a long ride passing again by the Old Quarter and headed to the St. Joseph Cathedral where my friends attended the mass while I laze around, observing the well-dressed iced lime tea drinkers sitting on the dwarf stools on the sidewalk.  

Our cyclo drivers: No english but all smiles!

Sugarcane Juice is a must-try.

People and motorbikes by the sidewalk.

a stall in the Old Quarter

Another stall with hanging sack bags... 

The durian empress!

A stall in Old Quarter...

A bicycle with all kinds of wares...

A vietnamese lady preparing her goods...

the popular hat...

at the temple of literature

just outside the temple of literature

facade of the entrance to the one-pillar pagoda

Ho chi minh complex

One -pillar pagoda

Three vietnamese ladies passing by the road

Tran Quoc pagoda... meaning  "Stabilizing the Nation" 

posing in front of the pagoda

Their idea of eating outside; they were having a sort of a hot pot here by a small lake
where patches of grasses/rice? and lotus grow.

an admirable building along the way...

In front of St Joseph Cathedral

The ever serene Hoan Kiem Lake 

St. Joseph Church

Facade of temple leading to the One Pillar Pagoda

Another pretty building

Another noticeable building; must be a government building

A bridge leading to the admirable Ngoc Son temple, still at the Hoan Kiem Lake

On our last day, we seized the morning by going once more to the Ho Chi Minh Complex and passed by the Army museum where we had our photos with the Flag Tower. We then headed to the History Museum where we admired pieces of jars, jewelries and other old stuffs. After there, we passed by the Opera House; another activity one can experience in Hanoi is opera. Then, we headed back to our hotel and started our shopping at the Old Quarter area....

On our last day, we went to the Opera House

History Museum

Flag Tower

From a Tam Coc tour, we went down here to have our souvenir photo
with LY THAI TO, Vietnam's second most important person, next to Ho Chi Minh

Hoan Kiem lake at night and after the rain...

Equivalent to our stock exchange in Makati

Vina Cafe, a brand i found in the grocery for instant coffee...