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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Only in the Philippines (as seen in Siquijor Island)

While planning for our Siquijor trip, I was looking forward to an array of gayuma and other amulets in bottles, small pillow charms, necklace and other pieces for pasalubang but I wrongly anticipated the charm of this island dubbed as the Island of Fire. They do not sell them indiscriminately and one has to purposely go to the mountains and see the faith healers if one really wants to "design" or "cook" a love potion or gayuma, killer portion or hiwit and other more medicines, protection and charms of sort. I am no expert on this, so forgive the amateurish introduction.

What I got: It is the smiles of the folks, a thread that sew the common blanket of Filipino trait of warmth and welcoming. Here are some photos of interesting bits I photographed as we roam around Siquijor.

By the waterway where spring water flow,
 residents bathe and do their laundry in this common area.

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR: The woman is all smiles as I photographed her
while a boy peeped through one of the hanged clothes.
POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR: Like any modern stuff, the witch is riding on the magic carpet and not the broom,a s we all expect. This decor is at the receptionist area of casa de la playa.

Waaaaa, I'm so scared.
Shall we tip?

This bracelet is filled with oil or lana meant for general protection,
according to our driver, manong bibit.

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR. The oil or lana meant for general protection
according to Manong Bibit, our Jeep tour driver.

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR: waaa, looks like bones but actually they're twigs,
dried leaves, and other dried stuffs. I don't know what is this for.

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR: waaa, Lumay or love potion.
What is inside are some trash dried stuffs ,
with no oil or liquid....
How to use this? I do not know.
Did i buy one? I won't tell you.

some charms, i guess.

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR. Pinakurat is our sinamak.
They blender the spices while ours are whole
and crushed only.

Crystal ball for the fortune tellers... and wannabes... :0)

Old wooden doors still alive in Siquijor.

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR: Houses like this still abound in Siquijor.

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR: Houses like this still abound in Siquijor.
And I particularly like this one as it is rounded in shape and located in a corner lot.
The wooden panel in the wall and glass window are rare nowadays
as they gave way to cement and gravel.

One of the bad habits of using soaps in tourist spots
like this one in Cambughanay Falls is caught in frames.

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR. My favorite photo of me during the trip... Isn't it great?
The jeep can also be a photo booth.

My sister bought this shirt
and she became our walking illustrated map of siquijor!