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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Exhilarating waters of Apo Island in Dumaguete

The slight gush of wind,
 the lush greeneries,
 the white pebbles,
the brownish rocks,
 the bluish green shoreline
and the blue waters.
And my blue dress, picture perfect of me.
Only in Apo Island, Dumaguete.
From Dumaguete City, it is still a 30-minute ride going to another Dumaguete town called Zamboangita where the famed Malatapay market is located. Not far ahead from this market is the tourism office where one can rent boats to bring everyone to Apo Island. Crossing Apo Island is just a 10-minute boatride. 

From shoreline to shoreline, the waters are at its best blue hue. To see is to believe, so here are the photos of the island waters. 
This is not a watercolor painting.
This is the waters ahead of us...

Just one more shot of me. Thanks Anne.

Free....... body and soul free.

Anne, with the boatman.
 The prime feature of Apo Island is its Coral Reefs Sanctuary where one can snorkel. I experienced that in 1999 and it was exhilarating. However, the said site is presently closed for rehabilitation because it was affected by the Bagyo Sendong and will be open late this year according to the cooperative head of the Island. 

The island also features the pawikan and other turtles in the waters where one can snorkel and swim with.

The beauty...

Enjoying the cool waters.

And the beauty once more.

The close up photo of the turtle we saw. Taken by Anne, of course.

ocean floor, taken by anne while swimming. The best.

On our way to the deck...

My diver friend, Anne.

After swimming, one can trek going to the view deck, a hut perched on the rock. We did that as it is nearer compared to the lighthouse. The next place to go is the lighthouse, which according to our guide, is located in higher grounds. From Apo Island, one can see the province of Siquijor, the third smallest province in the Philippines next to Batanes and Camarines. Also, a part of Mindanao can also be seen from there.

In Apo Island, one can only dream of the blue hue of the waters. No need to painstakingly wait for the sunset to get a beautiful shot. :)

Taken at the viewdeck...

Having a good time posing with Apo Island's natural landscape.

Friends, travelling together, at last.

Here are the photos of Island's offerings from Diving to Homestay.

a big boat good for 8 persons costs P3,000
while the medium boat good for 4 costs P2,000.

RJ Autor, our guide. A no swimmer I am, he assisted me in snorkeling so I can see the turtle in its natural habitat.
He also trekked with us going to the viewdeck.