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Friday, July 20, 2012

From Marijuana to Lotus Seeds: Fruits, Flowers and fresh greens we feasted our eyes on as we walk in Hanoi and Sa Pa, Vietnam

From Marijuana to Lotus Seeds and Tree where chopsticks are born, these are the photos of various fruits, flowers and yes, vegetables we feasted our eyes on as we walk along Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi and the market route in Sa Pa, Valley of Vietnam. If we were not walking, we must be riding the cyclo around Hanoi or ran a bit because of drizzles in SaPa.... What a memorable vacation because of these colors.  

Can't help it. In Tam coc, when i saw a vietnamese woman 
holding out her lotus to another vietnamese woman, 
i excitedly extended my palm to ask for one.
 I bought the preserved crunchy and nutty lotus seed...
and because of that curious moment in tam Coc,
 i can compare it with the raw peanutty texture of the fresh lotus seed..
Tastes good, actually.Yahoo! 

We are all familiar with this fruit: its appearance and smell... Love Durian...

Beside the watermelon, what's that??? Note: --My friend says that's a citrus...

a citrus for sure...

A familiar flower for us here... This is in the Ho Chi Minh Complex

crab apples, watermelon and more

While riding the cyclo, we chance upon this on the sidewalk... apples, grapes, avocado and other vegetables

Dragonfruit, lychees, lotus bloom. squash and longgan...



pickled fruits

coconuts and more

peaches, must be. Sa Pa.

Purplish bloom.. cute.

Million dollar flower.. we got it her in the Philippines too.

Not a rose...but may be a rose... Sa Pa bloom.

Another white Sa Pa bloom

At SaPa park...


The pretty pack posing shyly with the pretty blooms...

cucumber in all sizes...

squash flower in Sa Pa Valley

After the rain in Sa Pa..


Sa Pa Valley bloom, not a rose for sure...


They raise marijuana for threads used to sew clothes while the other plant for dye...

This tree is where the chopsticks come from...

This is the plant with blooms lining the Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam

This is taken in Sa Pa Valley. Looks like marble-sized oranges..

Aliw. So cute is this Banana Heart bunch. This is fronting a cafe in Sa Pa.
By the way, their happy hours in this place is from 11PM to 6:30PM. 

A hanging plant located in the entrance of a cafe in Sa Pa...

This is kinda cute. The leaves of the plant themselves look like the bloom already. Also in SaPa...

Pretty flowers in two hues;
still in Sa Pa, cool place like Baguio City in the Philippines
where hotels do not use aircon but still cool all day long....

The bunch of banana flowers, up close.

Looks exotic to me. Sa Pa.

Another hanging plant with purple blooms prettifying the entrance of a cafe in Sa Pa. 

Another exotic flora here...In SaPa still.

Purple thing waiting to bloom. Open up please. Still in Sa Pa.