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Friday, November 23, 2012

Surviving Skywalk and Edge Coaster!

And so I survived the Edge Coaster and slept through the Skywalk. Skywalk is a walk in the clouds wearing the orange and blue suit which make one look like a construction worker or field engineer sans the helmet. I said it was a walk in the clouds because it just so bore us given the fact that we simply walked through an arm length platform circling the hotel. This is the walk for the faint heart who wants to see the Cebu City skyline by day or by night. Good thing, we had the walk during the night.

The Edge coaster is another thing and a must experience. The seat tilts at 55 degrees automatically for 8 seconds (it seems 8 minutes to me) and one can see the whole of Cebu City. It's the extreme challenge for those who want to scream their heart out. I so love this one... Thumbs up!

For entrance plus one challenge, we paid P500 each instead of P600 while another challenge cost us P300 instead of P350. The photos are expensive, the big one costs P240 while the small one is 2 for P290. Instead of getting the buffet for P800 at the Hotel's resto, we just ate outside. I will introduce you to my friend who works there, please leave your email add in the comment section below.

There are other extreme challenges available are wall climbing, free-falling and zip line from one hotel to another....

All set for the skywalk. With Ms. Allain Suelon of BJMP-Cebu City. 

Taken by my dizzy friend Ms. Cecile Mesias
who amazingly survived the Edge Coaster.

Still waiting for our "job order."

A photo of the photo. below is the Fuente Circle
and we are in the 37th floor of the Crown regency hotel.

My certificate proving I survived!

The edge coaster. Posing here with Ms. Cecile Mesias
who sports a nervous grin...

Same photo, just closer.

We are just so engrossed with the view. 

I enjoyed the ride. Ask Cecile if she did too!

Embracing the challenge!

We are in the 38th level when we had the Edge Coaster!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fort San Pedro of Cebu

After the foreigners pass by, I got the chance to pose
at the facade of the Fort San Pedro of Cebu
The Fort San Pedro is one of the stops when visiting the tourist spots of Cebu City. It is facing the Plaza Independencia of Cebu City. Feeling the oldness of the fort and breathing in the cool air while seated on top of the wall fortress is a serene experience especially in the late afternoon. We saw a lot of foreigners and local tourists going in and out of this favorite spot.  We also saw pre-nuptial photo shoot in the park inside the fort.

In the  Plaza Independencia, the Malacanang of Cebu can be found. And just about two blocks away is the Magellan's Cross and Basilica de Santo Nino.

Posing by the door of the museum inside the Fort.
Photo taken by Ms. Cecile Mesias.

A tattered and aged vest with drawings...
story is in the next photo.

Vestidor of Hipolito Labra, a Kaputinero during the anti-Spanish revolution in Cebu. He was the longest serving Cabeza de barangay of Sapangdaku, Guadalupe from 1913-1967, 54 years. During the anti Spanish revolution in Cebu, the katipuneros led by Leon Kilat believe that wearign the vestidor would make them invincible.

The well with healing waters found inside the fort.

an admirable veranda on the way up the fort.

series of doors to the quarters.

fresh air and old stones


Fort San Pedro park is right in the middle of the stone fortress...

The fortress' entrance and exit.

The photo storyboard of the The Fort

FORT OF SAN PEDRO. The fort of San Pedro,
described in an official report of 1739,
is triangular in shape and made of stone and mortar.
The three bastions are La Concepcion, San Ignacio de Loyola
and San Miguel (Powder Magazine)

I was here, posing with a dear friend Ms. Cecile Mesias. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Revisiting Magellan's Cross and Sto. Nino Church

At the Magellan's Cross.

This dome houses the cross originally planted by Magellan in Cebu. The original cross is already encased by layered wood to preserve the same. This shrine is a popular tourist spot and the mural in the ceiling adds beauty and mystique to the place.

Beside the cross shrine is the Santo Nino Church of Cebu. Pilgrims go here annually and usually in January when the famed Sinulog is celebrated.

It was a pleasant experience to revisit these two important tourist spots of Cebu, a province in visayas area of the Philippines. Just see my visit to Cebu in 2010.

The facade of Santo Nino church.

Bisaya and tourists line up to pray here.

Some colorful balloons sold outside the church.

The Church and Convent of Santo Nino.

Candle peddlers with their colorful umbrellas
lining in front of the Basilica de Santo Nino

A structure facing the church.

Andres de Urdaneta marker is found just outside the church. 

Bronze map of cebu island found just outside the church.

The interior of the Basilica de Sto. Nino.

A photo of me posing by the engraved door of the church.

Colorful flowers line the street just outside the church...

The famous Sto. Nino and the recently declared St. Pedro Calungsod
became two religious figures that define Cebuano culture.

roses are red...

white flowers

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ricefields of Mindoro

Our roadtrip from Roxas, Oriental Mindoro where the Montenegro Lines RORO from Caticlan, Aklan arrives, to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro where the Tamaraw Sanctuary and the Pandan Island is closely located , can be summed into three words: Forest, Slopes and Ricefields.

The forest is lush green and richly stood as sentinel to the national highway which is sloping and curving so that we feel that we are riding with the "cool drifters." After the long stretch of forest, the sight of golden palay is so cool and the stretch of the ricefields awed us.

After passing by stretches of palays being harvested and after kilometers of palay laid on the national highway for drying Pinoy-style, we saw NFA bodegas. We were expecting to eat the local rice produce.

To our disappointment, we did not partake of the juicy newly milled rice as the carinderia and the Jollibee in San Jose, Mindoro did serve us dry and not tasty boiled rice.

At any rate, here are my photos of the road.

Ricefield is flanking the curving national highway.
As my friend who drove us asked why they did not make a straight highway
so it will be easier for the motorists to reach her destination.
"The shortest distance between two points is a staraight line," she said.
I volunteered, if they have a straight road,
they will run out of road to dry their enormous palay produce.
And we all laugh though we all know, its not a joke.

golden palay straws...

a pile of palay straws...

palm trees against the white skies.

sacked palay after drying them up in the highway.


photographing a long queue of sacked palay...

The gathered palay...

harvest time.

some harvesters of the day.

golden palay.

from rice to gold...

transporting a sack or two.

a shack by the ricefield.

another two sacks to transport.