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Friday, May 14, 2010

At Sampheng Market

At Sampheng Market

Sampheng Market is located at the China Town area of Bangkok, Thailand and it is just a walking distance from our hotel, Grande Ville. Walking along the alleys of the market is one of the good means of observing Thai's ways of life. There are colorful dried fruits and nuts, sumptuous noodles we were hesitant to try then, lots of fruits and fruit juices, and many small stuffs to bring home. Here are the samplings of our photos:

Many uploads can be found at this link:

This is the commonly seen vendor on the street. They sell fruits and remarkably, the broiled, not boiled, eggs with sticks on them, so that they look like lollipops.

The Thai lady is packing her various biscuits for retail sale. The longer I stayed in the market, I can say that Thais are very resourceful and have efficient ways of doing things from peeling of pineapples, making fresh fruit juices and like this lady packing her biscuits

The not-so-ripe mangoes abound. Thais love to dip the green mango flesh to the pink mixture consisting of refined sugar with sliced red chillis.

The Thai woman (left) arranges her crackers, rice cakes and rice puddings colored with green, pink or yellow-orange. This the "kakanin" counterpart for Filipinos.
Another Thai woman systematically peeling samely sized pineapples. After removing the eyes, the woman will pierce it with a barbecue stick to make it into a fresh pine lollipop.

A Thai man displaying his freshly squeezed citrus and lemonade... It's so tempting especially that the sun is nearly sweltering hot!